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In 2002,Slion brought the thermostatic technology to China.Nowadays,Slion’s thermostatic products are designed with the world’s most sensitive thermometer in mind:your skin.Made from the highest-quality materials,Vernet® cartridge and our thermostats feature industry-leading technologies to ensure maximum showering safety and comfort.And more,Slion was the 1stlocal brand who obtained the TMV2 certification in China mainland.Meanwhile,A number of styles are available to match with your and your customers’design and installation requirements.

Shower temperature can be as steady as you need.The precise and deliberated design from Slion would transcend the traditional showering system mechanical theory and make our product more durable.

TMV2-The Safe Choice

TMV2 stands for the thermostatic valves which are a safe guard against accidental scalding.You can be assured Slion valves has been engineered the highest manufacturing standards and certified by the TMV2 scheme for showers or tested to an equivalent standard.


Slion's relevant products have been tested rigorously by the WRC(Water Regulatory Council) and comply with the Water Regulations Advisary Scheme.The extensive approvals process ensure that Slion showers use safe mechanically tested materials.

Air-drive Technology

Slion air-drive technology creates an aerated bubble spray which uses less water without compromising your shower experience.

Safe Showering,Enjoyable Life

Slion showering system adopts the highest standard brass material(59-1 brass) and strict lead-strip processes to ensure the consumers’  health.Also,relevant international lead-free certifications endow Slion to serve the EU,UK and US market better